We are committed to create a kind of urban furniture to love for its design, to appreciate for the care it is realized with, to share among people who are the real actors in the contemporary city.

A italian company


The Belli Factory was born in 2017 from the intuition of its founder Simone Belli, who boasts an extensive background in the field of Urban Furniture.

The common space becomes nowadays a place of sharing and of social interaction. It requires specific attention and enhancement as well as new design challenges.

A new urban scenario

The Belli Factory products are specifically tailored to this new scenario: a collection of ludic and modular seating design to be lived freely by its end user which now represents an ever more active and demanding target; benches designed both for the outdoor and the waiting areas and characterised bya minimalist design; multifunctional, versatile and modular urban furniture which depending on the needs can be used as seats, dividing elements, light sources or to accompany plants and flowers;

flower pots and tree grids which add a touch of vibrancy to the urban environment; fountains able to emphasize the water element in our cities; a wide range of litter-bins able to fit in any environment and to work in perfect harmony to other preexisting urban furniture elements with a special attention to the environment; kiosks which are particularly suitable for the “en plein air” life, to live in company in maximum comfort.

Our standards

The entire production “Belli Factory” takes into account high quality and competitive standards and durability over time, especially in outdoor environments.

The new rhythms and the dynamism of our days

have completely changed the way of living

in our “public” outdoor spaces.

I nuovi ritmi di vita, la dinamicità delle nostre giornate hanno completamente modificato il modo di vivere hanno completamente modificato il modo di vivere e di interagire negli spazi pubblici outdoor